Evo X is comnig!

The EvoX is looking pretty good! I heard it should be a little slower then the Evo9, but will handle amazingly!

-Lancer Evolution X is powered by a new turbocharged engine that adds a high-performance turbocharger to the 4B11-type 2.0-liter 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC MIVEC unit used in the Galant Fortis. Developing more power over the full rev range, this engine generates more torque at 422 Nm (43.0 kg-m)/3500 rpm and has better response than its 4G63 predecessor. The new engine is also lighter and returns better environmental performance.
-The application of continuously variable valve timing technology (MIVEC) to both intake and exhaust camshafts realizes valve timing optimally matched to engine speed and load to stabilize combustion characteristics and allow the engine to develop more power over the full rev range. It also improves emissions performance. Lancer Evolution X earns a 3-star rating for emissions that are 50% under the Japanese 2005 Emissions Standards levels.
-The new engine, excluding auxiliary equipment, is 12 kg lighter than the 4G63 thanks to the use of a die-cast aluminum cylinder block, head cover and chain case.
-Using a titanium-aluminum alloy turbine wheel and aluminum alloy compressor wheel, the turbocharger features a shape-optimized compressor wheel that improves boost response and increases low-end and mid-range torque.
-The adoption of a rearward facing exhaust manifold layout has, as well as improving exhaust efficiency, allowed the engine to be mounted lower, lowering the center of gravity. Other innovations have reduced intake/exhaust system losses and valvetrain friction, contributing to improved engine performance.


It’s coming

Talked to Shep a little while ago and apparently my spare transmission is almost complete. It is getting the Stage 2 build with LSD, and a new intermediate shaft. Sucks that it will cost so much, but I will have zero problems with it. Before I shipped it off to Shep for the build I was thinking about just throwing it in my car because I couldn’t wait much longer. I’m glad I waited.

1017awhp/632awtq 2g DSM

Old new, but here is an impressive video of a 2g Eclipse putting down 1017awhp/632awtq without nitrous. Guess what exhaust manifold he is using… Yep–It’s a Shearer Fab manifold.


I love these!

I ordered these Zeal Function X coilovers a while ago from Alex at Brainchild Customs and I can’t say enough positive about the service that Alex gave me. The coilovers themselves are amazing! They make driving so much more fun.

Notice that the Zeal has more coils then the Tein. When I threw them on a scale I found that each Zeal was 2lbs lighter than the Tein.

Kent at Endlessusa.com said this about the X-coil spring that Zeal uses: “All ZEAL coilover systems currently use X-Coils. It seems that most Japanese, race-bred companies use linear springs produced from a cold-wound process. The X-Coil uses only a cold-wound process. What sets the X-Coil apart is that the shape of the wire is jelly-bean or egg like. It’s difficult to tell from this photo, but it’s not perfectly round and is a bit wider and fatter than others. The shape of the X-Coil wire helps maintain stability and decreases the chance of unwanted tendencies during coil bind and recovers without creating an abnormal spring shape after experiencing coil bind. You can sort of imagine how a wider, fatter wire maintains better than a perfectly round wire after coil bind. This shape as well its special material blend aids in maintaining a longer life. The X-Coils special blend of materials helps to create a very linear spring that reaches its intended spring rate quickly, accurately and smoothly. It’s vacuum-like feel helps to absorb impact from road imperfections without any unwanted harshness while maintaining a certain softness. Much of the quality of the ZEAL coilover system is due in large to the quality of the X-Coil spring.”


I got this Stack ST8130P digital dash display back in June. It is very cool! It pretty much does everything you want and there is room to grow with it still. Should be installed this winter.

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New Volk RE30’s

Old news but I thought I would post pics of my news Volks I got earlier in the year. They weight 16.5lbs each! Notice the ribs on each spoke for increased strength.

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