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AME’s newest wheel, the TM-02 on a very nice Evo. Definitely a fresh look. I love the wheels, and it’s different from the much played out Advan RG and RS phenomenon.  I want a set for myself!!!

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JUN makes lemonade with this lemon.

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Old Dog

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Check out this oldie leading a new X.

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Is it true Do-Luck went out of business? They had some ok stuff and some pretty ugly shit.

This Evo is just ok.

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Unlimited Works Evo

Mean looking car. As always the car is outfitted with everything from Voltex. I believe that bumper costs around $7,000. Another shiney penny for the hood, then the fenders, the list goes on.

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Evo 8 or Evo 9, I can’t tell. Oh well, right? There are worse things in life.

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They’re Coming…

Nice picture of a handful of EvoX’s making their way around Tsukuba Circuit in Japan. This is the first I’ve seen the Ohlins EvoX out on the track since the Tokyo Auto Salon ’08.

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