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Boy, Was I Stupid…

Here are some updated pictures of today. Not much progress as I have been extremely busy now that I’m back at school. I mounted the Stack water temp sensor and ran the wire. I then discovered my dumbass messed up running my fuel pressure wire.
The wires are all labeled on the Stack wiring loom.
Fuel Pressure= A
Fuel Level= F

I ran the Fuel Level wire to the fuel pressure sensor. I spent 20 minutes looking for the fuel level wire when I was ready to run it to my tank, I was completely stumped and thought Stack sent me the wrong wire loom. Because Stack conveniently labels all the wires, I quickly found my mistake. I gave up after I found my mistake, I wasn’t in the mood to re-run a wire when I had Finance homework to do (real hoot too!).

Still need to finish wiring. But it is spotless.

Heated the neck up, pulled the steel fitting out, rethreaded for 12×1.5 and stuck a -6 cap on it. I didn’t have access to NPT taps. Much better than a ghetto black rubber cap that’s hose clamped on. I must point out the surface of the water neck. I massaged the metal a bit and took out any casting marks. The bolts were all cleaned up before being reinstalled. That’s the level I take it to.


Close to Completion

I decided I was going to pull the nipple out and thread it. I’m still trying to decide if I want to mount my Stack coolant temp sensor in that hole.

My new Sparco quick-release steering hub arrived along with a new steering wheel.

Sparco 345 steering wheel. I’m a bit skeptical about the suede, but I’ll try it. Coupled with the Sparco quick-release this steering wheel is a lot closer to my body for a more comfortable position. From test fits it seems that my knees also clear it.

I converter my vacuum line on my Tial BOV to 4AN. No particular reason, just wanted to try something different.

Start your engine!

Just thought I would post another updated picture. Last night was a nice rainy evening, so I thought I would test fit the fuel filter, fpr and lines. I got new Russell endura fittings with Earl’s pro-lite line to replace most of my other fittings and line. I also have been re-wrapping my wires with this nice wire loom, I’ve been impressed with this stuff so far.

Today I replace my upper stainless steel fuel line with the pro-lite line. I cut myself on that ss shit and remembered why I spent the extra money on the pro-lite line.

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Close to Perfection

I just had to post this picture up. I thought the welds were very deserving of the attention. Since I switched to air-cooled oil, I had the holes on the front water pipe welded shut that would have otherwise gone to the oil filter housing, no JB Weld here. Longevity and quality are always a priority of mine.

Ummm… I thought my Shearer manifold looked crappy, must be my computer screen. Yea, that’s it!

Just another picture.

Broken Updates

I thought I would throw up an update.
I had this crazy idea to convert my turbo’s coolant feed and return lines to AN. Broke the factory fitting off in the block when trying to remove it! Yikes!

EvoIII oil filter housing. After waiting a couple months for this gem to arrive from Japan I got it mounted. No more factory sensors, I re-threaded a port and mounted my Stack temp sensor in there.

Everything turned out just fine. The threads on the block turned out to be OK and everything works.

Mid-Summer Build Part Deux

Getting cleaner!

Stock intake manifold is off. Magnus coming soon.

I didn’t mention this before. New OEM wiper arms, wiper cowl, and wiper linkage all hooked up. I just need new wiper blades.

All the wires. I’m saving all this stuff. I want to throw it on the scale and see how much I removed.

My Mid-Summer Build. Start. NOW!

Some people expressed interest in some pictures of my car. So I thought I would document my mid-summer build that I started today. This thread will only get larger. I will later explain my future plans.
Here is the engine before I dug into it. The stock manifold is going to be replaced by a Magnus. Throttle body will probably be a 1g and I will probably have FFWDConnection rebuild and block off the FIAV.

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Here is the trunk. I was convinced to relocate my battery to the trunk. I determined that my intercooler pipe I’m getting from DV/DT Fab to fit the Magnus will not fit with the stock battery in place. Plus, the battery is just ugly sitting there in the engine bay! Lots of wires I will have to mess with.

All the stuff I pulled out of the back of my car. My car once had a very nice system built in it. It cost quite a bit at the time, but all good things must come to an end. This thing was heavy! I estimate I pulled 100lbs of wood and audio equipment out of my trunk.

In future updates I will be installing my new Weldon fuel pressure regulator, Magnus SMIM, 1g throttle body, and relocating the battery. Plans also include repainting the interior. From the looks of it, I need to do a lot of metal prep and cleaning. But I have my work cut out for me until then. I probably have another 20lbs of stereo wires I need to yank out!