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Playing in the rain

Check out these Porsche’s playing in the rain. ha

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These are sick!

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Porsche GT2

An older promotional video of the Porsche 997 GT2

Gemballa Avalanche Porsche 911 Roadster, Gemballa > TechArt

Already this year has seen Gemballa release the GTR 800 EVO-R Porsche 911 variant, two Cayman S variants and a Cayenne Turbo concept, among others. Now we can add yet another creation to the list of what has to be one of the busiest tuning shops on earth: the HR Gemballa Avalance Roadster Porsche GT.

Producing a respectable 600hp at the crank, with torque peaking at 840Nm, the Avalanche Roadster manages some quick sprints: 0-100km/h (0-62mph) takes just 3.5s. Top speed will carry the dial all the way to a reading of 320km/h (198mph). A special H&R stainless steel coil-over system has been custom built for the car, adding handling to match the potential for speed.

Inside, the standard treatment of Alcantara and nubuck leathers and carbon fiber give a suitably luxurious yet high-tech experience to those lucky enough to take a seat in the Avalanche. Outside, the Roadster sticks with the latest trend of throwing a rat-rod reminiscent coat of matte-black paint over a seriously fast car. The front fascia and side skirts add to the aggressive stealth-fighter look, and viewed from behind the dual-exhausts shout race car to the eyes and sing it to the ears.

The body work isn’t all for show, however: bigger intake scoops feed more air to the even-boostier turbos, the rear fascia features an integrated diffuser, and the exhaust has been moved to the center to avoid disturbing the airflow and thereby losing downforce.

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TechArt Porsche 911 Cabriolet, Not as hot

Tuner cars are often works of art, flights of fancy or out-and-out racers, but rarely are the upper echelons of performance-tuned cars graced by models intended as daily drivers. Techart’s GTstreet Porsche is an exception to that rule, however – if you can afford the upkeep.

Starting with the Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet as its basis certainly didn’t hurt the transformation into monstrously powerful daily driver – it was already more than halfway there. Now, however, the GTstreet takes its compressed charge of air and turns it into 630hp (463kW). With an appropriate length of tarmac, the black beauty runs to a maximum speed of 214mph (345km/h). But despite the ultra-high speed and huge power, the car is designed to remain tame and liveable on the streets instead of a harsh-riding, power-sliding deafening track rat. It’s only a monster when you want it to be.

Made to match the GTstreet Coupe, released at the Geneva auto show last year, the GTstreet Cabriolet will similarly be officially revealed March 4th at the 2008 Geneva Auto Salon. Read up on the initial news of the GTstreet Cabriolet, or check out its hard-topped little sister, the Cayman S widebody to see more of Techart’s handiwork.

Here are some high-res pictures! Great for the desktop!

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Porsche Gemballa Cayman S, Hot.

Just last month Gemballa dropped the 850hp GTR 800 EVO-R modified Porsche 911 Turbo on the world and since it would be nearly impossible to top that, Gemballa has made February Cayman S month, with the Gemballa GT and GT 4.0L RS packages offering enhanced performance and more aggressive looks to Porsche’s baby coupe.

The Gemballa GT is the tamer of the two conversions, although it packs a visual punch. A new front lip spoiler and hood with an integral scoop add impact to the front, while the sides and rear also get new treatments. A rear spoiler adds downforce while not going over-the-top. Twenty-inch racing wheels, a sport exhaust system and an adjustable sport suspension add performance to the already highly capable Cayman S platform. Inside, a two-tone interior, racing shifter and Alcantara accents round out the package.

Gemballa’s GT 4.0L RS takes things a step further with front and rear lip spoilers, an exterior carbon fibre package, a racing brake system two-tone interior, alloy pedals, special carpet and additional Alcantara leather in the cockpit. But the real highlight of the GT 4.0L RS spec sheet is the stroked 4.0L RS engine kit. Up six-tenths of a liter over the stock 3.4L Cayman S motor, extra power and torque will kick performance up to near Carrera S levels, although Gemballa hasn’t released exactly how much power is added with the kit.

Work VSXX on 997TT

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