Project Mu Brake Swap Complete

I finished my Projject Mu big brake kit swap last night. I finished bleeding the brakes and took it out for a drive- in the rain!

I was held up by having to order a new front lower control arm and ball joint. Also both my front wheel bearings were worn out. I tried saving some money by ordering non-OEM wheel bearings but later found out that my ARP wheel studs would not fit in the hubs because the non-OEM wheel bearing/hubs use a stud that has a smaller knurl. I had to return them and order the OEM wheel bearing/hub assembly.

Since I went into this project without  clue what to expect I found out the Evo brake lines and DSM bake lines are different on the basis of inverted-flare female vs. female flare fitting. I ended up using my stock rubber brake lines for the time being.

Here is a picture I took with my phone  while I was bleeding the brakes.
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