Boy, Was I Stupid…

Here are some updated pictures of today. Not much progress as I have been extremely busy now that I’m back at school. I mounted the Stack water temp sensor and ran the wire. I then discovered my dumbass messed up running my fuel pressure wire.
The wires are all labeled on the Stack wiring loom.
Fuel Pressure= A
Fuel Level= F

I ran the Fuel Level wire to the fuel pressure sensor. I spent 20 minutes looking for the fuel level wire when I was ready to run it to my tank, I was completely stumped and thought Stack sent me the wrong wire loom. Because Stack conveniently labels all the wires, I quickly found my mistake. I gave up after I found my mistake, I wasn’t in the mood to re-run a wire when I had Finance homework to do (real hoot too!).

Still need to finish wiring. But it is spotless.

Heated the neck up, pulled the steel fitting out, rethreaded for 12×1.5 and stuck a -6 cap on it. I didn’t have access to NPT taps. Much better than a ghetto black rubber cap that’s hose clamped on. I must point out the surface of the water neck. I massaged the metal a bit and took out any casting marks. The bolts were all cleaned up before being reinstalled. That’s the level I take it to.

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