Archive for September 1st, 2008

First Video of my Stack

After having this dash display for a while I finally decided to spend the day installing it. It was a fun project to run the wires. A couple years ago I use to be intimidated by wiring, but I now find it to be relaxing. I just sat down in my garage with a beer trying to find the best way to route the wires.

Now I must calibrate the system.


Start your engine!

Just thought I would post another updated picture. Last night was a nice rainy evening, so I thought I would test fit the fuel filter, fpr and lines. I got new Russell endura fittings with Earl’s pro-lite line to replace most of my other fittings and line. I also have been re-wrapping my wires with this nice wire loom, I’ve been impressed with this stuff so far.

Today I replace my upper stainless steel fuel line with the pro-lite line. I cut myself on that ss shit and remembered why I spent the extra money on the pro-lite line.

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