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Stack Sequential Shift Light

Since my love affair began with my Stack dash display I want to make full use of everything. I already made a very nice mount for it to mount in my dash. Very GT3 Cup-ish. I’ll post pictures of that later.
I should be ordering a Stack pulse amplifier to help get my wheel speed working. And then this gem looks really appealing.
I can only imagine using that this in car at night. Stack makes some super nice products. Once I get my car running (hoping for this weekend) I will post more pictures and ty to further invest in my Stack.
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Why Modified Cars Scare Me

My car doesn’t scare me at all. But I found this picture while browsing a gallery on a DSM website. Some people just suck at wiring or modifying a car in general. This is proof to why you should never buy a modified car. This wiring is a complete hack.
When I started out I wasn’t the best with wiring and soldering, but I had a desire to improve. And what is amazing is that these people don’t realize their wiring sucks. If they did they wouldn’t be posting this on the internet. What a mess! I haven’t really priced out heat shrink, but it’s cheap. I think if you want to go all out and get the best heat shrink (Raychem DR-25) it’s $180 for a 60′ roll. My Stack wiring harness is all Raychem. Awesome stuff.

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Boy, Was I Stupid…

Here are some updated pictures of today. Not much progress as I have been extremely busy now that I’m back at school. I mounted the Stack water temp sensor and ran the wire. I then discovered my dumbass messed up running my fuel pressure wire.
The wires are all labeled on the Stack wiring loom.
Fuel Pressure= A
Fuel Level= F

I ran the Fuel Level wire to the fuel pressure sensor. I spent 20 minutes looking for the fuel level wire when I was ready to run it to my tank, I was completely stumped and thought Stack sent me the wrong wire loom. Because Stack conveniently labels all the wires, I quickly found my mistake. I gave up after I found my mistake, I wasn’t in the mood to re-run a wire when I had Finance homework to do (real hoot too!).

Still need to finish wiring. But it is spotless.

Heated the neck up, pulled the steel fitting out, rethreaded for 12×1.5 and stuck a -6 cap on it. I didn’t have access to NPT taps. Much better than a ghetto black rubber cap that’s hose clamped on. I must point out the surface of the water neck. I massaged the metal a bit and took out any casting marks. The bolts were all cleaned up before being reinstalled. That’s the level I take it to.

Close to Completion

I decided I was going to pull the nipple out and thread it. I’m still trying to decide if I want to mount my Stack coolant temp sensor in that hole.

My new Sparco quick-release steering hub arrived along with a new steering wheel.

Sparco 345 steering wheel. I’m a bit skeptical about the suede, but I’ll try it. Coupled with the Sparco quick-release this steering wheel is a lot closer to my body for a more comfortable position. From test fits it seems that my knees also clear it.

I converter my vacuum line on my Tial BOV to 4AN. No particular reason, just wanted to try something different.

First Video of my Stack

After having this dash display for a while I finally decided to spend the day installing it. It was a fun project to run the wires. A couple years ago I use to be intimidated by wiring, but I now find it to be relaxing. I just sat down in my garage with a beer trying to find the best way to route the wires.

Now I must calibrate the system.

Start your engine!

Just thought I would post another updated picture. Last night was a nice rainy evening, so I thought I would test fit the fuel filter, fpr and lines. I got new Russell endura fittings with Earl’s pro-lite line to replace most of my other fittings and line. I also have been re-wrapping my wires with this nice wire loom, I’ve been impressed with this stuff so far.

Today I replace my upper stainless steel fuel line with the pro-lite line. I cut myself on that ss shit and remembered why I spent the extra money on the pro-lite line.

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