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Close to Perfection

I just had to post this picture up. I thought the welds were very deserving of the attention. Since I switched to air-cooled oil, I had the holes on the front water pipe welded shut that would have otherwise gone to the oil filter housing, no JB Weld here. Longevity and quality are always a priority of mine.

Ummm… I thought my Shearer manifold looked crappy, must be my computer screen. Yea, that’s it!

Just another picture.


Broken Updates

I thought I would throw up an update.
I had this crazy idea to convert my turbo’s coolant feed and return lines to AN. Broke the factory fitting off in the block when trying to remove it! Yikes!

EvoIII oil filter housing. After waiting a couple months for this gem to arrive from Japan I got it mounted. No more factory sensors, I re-threaded a port and mounted my Stack temp sensor in there.

Everything turned out just fine. The threads on the block turned out to be OK and everything works.