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Mid-Summer Build Part Deux

Getting cleaner!

Stock intake manifold is off. Magnus coming soon.

I didn’t mention this before. New OEM wiper arms, wiper cowl, and wiper linkage all hooked up. I just need new wiper blades.

All the wires. I’m saving all this stuff. I want to throw it on the scale and see how much I removed.


My Mid-Summer Build. Start. NOW!

Some people expressed interest in some pictures of my car. So I thought I would document my mid-summer build that I started today. This thread will only get larger. I will later explain my future plans.
Here is the engine before I dug into it. The stock manifold is going to be replaced by a Magnus. Throttle body will probably be a 1g and I will probably have FFWDConnection rebuild and block off the FIAV.

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Here is the trunk. I was convinced to relocate my battery to the trunk. I determined that my intercooler pipe I’m getting from DV/DT Fab to fit the Magnus will not fit with the stock battery in place. Plus, the battery is just ugly sitting there in the engine bay! Lots of wires I will have to mess with.

All the stuff I pulled out of the back of my car. My car once had a very nice system built in it. It cost quite a bit at the time, but all good things must come to an end. This thing was heavy! I estimate I pulled 100lbs of wood and audio equipment out of my trunk.

In future updates I will be installing my new Weldon fuel pressure regulator, Magnus SMIM, 1g throttle body, and relocating the battery. Plans also include repainting the interior. From the looks of it, I need to do a lot of metal prep and cleaning. But I have my work cut out for me until then. I probably have another 20lbs of stereo wires I need to yank out!