Ever think back and you ask yourself “If I knew what I know now, then why did I do what I did then?”
Thinking back…
-Why didn’t I start out with a manual car to begin with?
-Why did I get a 16g as my first turbo upgrade?
-Why did I get a Greddy intercooler with long-route piping?

The list goes on. Things I wish I would have done right the first time so I don’t need to deal with them now, or waste money in the past fixing them. I guess this phenomenon can be chalked up as experience. The experiences I got? I didn’t know anything about transmissions before my swap. I didn’t know anything about turbo’s before I got in there with my hands and started learning and wrenching.

If I hit the home run during my first swing, then I would have saved a bunch of money. I’m sure my car would be further along. I would have a Magnus intake manifold, more odds and ends from HKS, an ideal seat position in my car, Brembo big brakes.

But I guess that’s not how the story goes. The story goes like this: a normal human with normal faults attached, learning from mistakes and making wiser choices for the future.

Here is a picture of my car not too long ago on some G-Games wheels. I remember I just got my set of EDM/JDM tailights (super rare) after I passed up another set just a couple months before.

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