Genoa Update: 3-6-08

We have made several changes though out the website with one of our latest announcements we made at our Open House event. We have revised our brochure (linked here) and our track maps (linked here) to reflect the new construction phasing of the East Track and the West Track. The East Track will be the first circuit built and will follow the existing design at a length of 2.7 miles. The East circuit will be scheduled for unlimited track time for Members on some weekends and rental groups on others. Weekdays will still be predominately available to our Members. Once the West Track is completed, then Members will have unlimited track access to one circuit while rental groups will have access to the other circuit.Our Membership pricing has been lowered for pre-construction and we will be offering a limited number of Preferred and Individual Memberships at this new pricing. Check it out at (link here).

We have also added our new animated in-car video of the West Track. This runs both clockwise and counter clockwise (link here). The animation was painstakingly created by using close to 600 land and sky photos, digitizing the aerial photos and land survey, and collecting the longitude, latitude and altitude coordinates for the track itself to accurately replicate the lay of the land and of the track. The East Track is being created next.

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