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Silver S2000

Sweet set of Recaro’s. I believe those ASM Recaros are $3k each!

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Don’t drive off the picture. LOL I know that was bad.

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AMS Time Attack Video

S2000 Party

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Bumble bee

Crazy APR widebody Evo 9. I dig this. I don’t really like APR, but this Evo is niceee.

P.S. the owner could lighten up a little on the sticker usage.

Rollin’ on Pumpkins?

Apparently this Evo X is doing just that. Work XT7 wheels. I might add they are hella flush!

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SCCA Speed World Challenge

Just wanted to share some pictures I found from the first race of the SCCA Speed World Challenge race.

The K-Pax Racing Porsche 997 GT3 Cup cars. I stopped by 3R Racing one day when they were preparing these cars for the race.

Brandon Davis goes to my school. I’ve been following his racing. He raced the touring cars last year and now races in the GT class.