Bridgestone RE-11 to replace RE-01R

Well it looks like there very well could be a replacement for the Bridgestone RE-01R. Its a asymmetrical shape i think from what i can gather is that…

1)Better wet traction.
2)Control temp better within the compound.
3)Better steering response.

Circuit and Time attack RE-01R vs RE-11

Faster lap times at the tack too!

Bridgestone will begin selling the “POTENZA RE-11” performance tire, the newest product in the POTENZA brand lineup, on March 1, 2008. POTENZA RE-11 tires were designed with pursuit of speed and driving enjoyment in all driving conditions from in-town conditions to circuit racing. A total of 31 sizes will be released from the 30 Series to the 60 Series.

The POTENZA brand supports various types of motor sports including F1 racing both in Japan and abroad. This brand has also been approved for use on many new, high performance sports cars throughout the world as a tire for stock cars. Since the release of the first generation POTENZA RE47 performance tire in 1979, the POTENZA brand has maintained its high reputation as a premium brand with many customers including owners of sports cars and specialty cars and sports racing enthusiasts.

The POTENZA RE-11 tire features a custom designed asymmetric shape that improves traction performance when cornering and also demonstrates improved grip and maintains performance in wet driving conditions due to the adoption of a seamless stealth pattern. This seamless stealth pattern was developed using the stealth pattern technology that was developed for F1 and GP2 wet tires and its use in the POTENZA RE-11 is the first such use in commercially available tires. Its additional main feature includes maintaining a high level of grip during circuit driving or when turning at high speeds.

  1. I wonder how they will compare to the Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 “STAR SPEC”?

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