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Today Denver Bumper Works called and told me that my parts were done. My dad went and picked them up for me and they look beautiful. Some spots the chrome couldn’t be buffed. So far its been hard for me to even get in there with my buffer.

The brake fluid reservoir bracket looks amazing on the car with the brand new brake fluid cap I picked up at the dealership!

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ARC intake box for EvoX

Looks like ARC just finished creating the new intake box for the EvoX. It looks beautiful.

997 GT3 RS

I have seen all the colors of the 997 GT3 RS in person but the white and orange. This color is super rare!

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Very custom roll cage in this GT3 RS. The factory bar is only behind the seats and does not extend to the front a-pillars.

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I have actually lifted one of these OEM Recaro GT3 seats before and they are so light! The reason the fixed-back seats and roll bar didn’t not come in the GT3 RS from the factory, because the US standards are so strict and the car is so rare. In order for the car to be shipped with the seats and roll bar installed they would have had to crash test quite a few of the cars. Since the cars are limited Porsche didn’t want to go through with crash testing such a limited car.

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Another ASM S2000

Prepared and ready for the track. It’s beautiful!

New Prodrive Seats

Like very similar to the Bride Gias. I like them a lot. If I still know how to convert in my head, these seats start at about $1600 a seat.

White 2g with LE37’s

RC Developments Evo 6

 Merry Christmas! Enjoy this RC Developments Evo 6