Getting old?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently, because I have been struggling a lot with the issue myself. I feel like I am losing the enthusiasm that I once had for my car. I’m not growing tired of my car necessarily, but I am just lacking the excitement I once had for all cars. I attend a first tier university and when I’m not studying, I am usually at work—that in a nutshell is what takes up most of my time during the week. It definitely does not stop me from getting a lot of cool stuff for my car and planning the next thing I want to do to it, but I just don’t get excited over it as much as I use to. My car is still a necessary part of my life that keeps me going from day to day, and without it I would probably lose my mind.

I remember in the past I would become overwhelmed with joy when I got a new part for my car. But as of recently the days of simple bolt-ons for me are long gone, every new part I am getting now seems like they will take some sort of effort to install and get working correctly. To me that doesn’t seem like any fun installing, instead it seems like work. In the past I would run to my car to free my mind of work, but now work includes my car.

I look forward to completing the job, and getting everything working correctly. I enjoy my car a lot and when I drive it, I simply forget about all the trouble I went through. It is funny how one second your car can fill your life with grief, and then the next minute it puts you in a different world. I guess I can say that I may no longer get excited over getting new parts in the mail or having the chance to install the parts, but my excitement now comes from having a car that I can respect. Even though it has been a rough year with the transmission issues, I still had plenty of memories from driving it. I look forward to having the transmission issues being a thing of the past, and the Stack cluster finally installed by next year. It will be tough for sure with work and school, but I am in no rush, I will take my time and do it right the first time.

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