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Evo 6

I just stumbled across this Evo last night. Definitely is one of the best looking Evo generations that Mitsubishi has ever made.

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Impressive mod list too:

Engine –
Full Ballanced Forged 2ltr Extreme Engine
Race head,ported,polished,knife edged jurnals
Valves Re-Seated
New valve stem seals
ARP Head Studs
ARP Conrod Bolts
ARP Cradle Bolts
Jun 272 cams inlet/exh
Norris Designs Ti Retainers
Norris Designs Valve Springs
Norris Designs Solid Lifters
HKS Cam Gear
HKS Head Gasket
HKS Earth Circle
HKS Plugs
Cusco Oil Catch Tank
Sard Oil Cap
Carbon Fibre Plug Cover
Carbon Fibre Cam Cover
Polybush Engine Mounts

Turbo –
Pure GT 30 Full Race Turbo Kit
Full Race Manifold
Full Race/Tial Ext Wastegate

Managment –
A-Pexi PFC D-Jetro
A-Pexi Hand Controller
A- Pexi AVCR

Exhaust –
Full Race Modular Downpipe
Magnex Decat
HKS Hi- Power Muffler

Fuel –
HKS Fuel Rail
RC 1000cc Injetors
Walbro Uprated Pump
Sard Adjustable Fuel Reg
Braided fuel lines

Cooling –
Air Con Removed
Full Race I/C
Full Race I/C Pipes
HKS Boost Pipe
HKS Filter
Cusco Turbo Pipe
Samco Water Hoses
Carbon Grp A Airbox ( rallytech )
Carbon Cooling Panel
Carbon Fibre Radiator Brackets
Sard Rad Cap
Mocal 24 Row Oil Cooler with S/S lines and -10 Aero Quip fittings
Spal Slimeline fan
Koyo Rad

Drivetrain –
Std GSR G/box with uprated bearings
HKS Twin Plate Clutch GD Max

Brakes –
AP 6 Pot 355 kit (front)
Srd Brembo 2 pots (rear)
Std Discs (rear)
Ferodo ds2500 Pads f/r
Goodridge S/S Braided hoses f/r
Ralliart Brake Fluid Sock

Suspension –
GAB Prosso (Japan) Coilovers (f+r)
Whiteline (rear) Uprated Adjustable Sway Bar
Whiteline Adjustable Drop Links (front)
Whiteline Adjustable Drop Links (rear)
Whiteline Bump Steer Kit
Cusco Adjustable Top Mounts
Cusco Carbon Front Strut Brace
Cusco Carbon Rear Strut Brace
Cusco Front Chassis Tie Bar

Interior –
Full Flocked Dash
Sumo 3 Gauge Pod
Defi Link 2 Meter
Defi FB Series Boost,OilTemp,Oil Pressure Gauges
Carbon Fibre Instrument Surround
Carbon Fibre Air Con Surround
Carbon Fibre Kick Plates
Carbon Fibre Door Inserts (one offs) f/r
Carbon Fibre Battery Box ( in boot )
Trust Greddy Gear Knob
Momo boss kit
D2 Racing Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss
Keys Racing Suede Steering Wheel
Cobra Evolution Seats,and Side Mounts
Sabelt 4 Point Harnesses

Exterior –
18″ Compomotive MO’s (black)
TRU Racing Lightweight Wheel Nuts (black)
PIAA Window Blades f/r
Rallytech Carbon Fibre Wig Mirrors
Carbon Fibre Splitter (still to come)


Beginning to Look Good

I haven’t been content with the way my engine looks for while. Everyone complements me on how clean it looks, but I have never liked it. I have way too much clutter and it just doesn’t have the look I want. Since my style is changing, I want something that is clean and has a timeless look. I dropped off my Three Speed scatter shield off at Denver Bumper today to get chrome plated. They did an awesome job polishing some 997TT wheels I took there a while ago, so I have confidence in their work. I don’t really want have too much chrome in the engine bay, but just enough to set it off with the other parts I have powder coated.

I also ordered SPC forged aluminum upper control arms from Vivid Racing too. Those will take a while to get, but they should be worth the wait.

997TT Ridin’ on Volks

My buddy Dan at Vivid Racing took on a fun project for a 997TT customer. They really liked the Volk TE37 Time Attack wheels but unfortunately, Volk does not make them yet for the Porsche! So he had the wheels powdercoated a gloss black to match his car then we had the red stripe painted around it. Throw in the Volk carbon center caps and wrap the tires with some Pirelli and BAMM!

The wheels are 19×8.5 and 19×12. The fronts weight about 18lbs and the rear about 20lbs. 1 piece forged wheel. The shipment of REAL time attack wheels comes in end of december.


I love the new Porsche 997TT, I remember when I had the chance to drive one on the street. It’s definitely one of my dream cars (with a ski rack).

Koenigsegg CCXR

1018hp, 0-62 in 2.9sec, estimated top speed of 248mph. Enough said, besides the fact I have the same Stack dash display as this car.


Another clean purpose-built Evo for Time Attack. I love the orange Enkei’s and Voltex canards. Enjoy.

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CE28n’s on 2g

Another beautiful 2g Eclipse that is rolling on Volk CE28n’s. There need to be more DSM’s like this one. Simplicity at its best. Picture sucks though.

Always Remember

Never forget that when you buy Rota’s, people aren’t pointing at your car because they think it looks cool, it’s because they know better.

Knock off part companies kill the industry, the real innovators, the people that bring the knock off companies parts to copy. If you want to save a dollar to kill your favorite tuner; cool, thanks. Bye Rays Engineering, bye ASM, bye HKS, bye Work…

I have preached safety before–it’s a valid point. The point isn’t always about fitment, quality, or safety although most JDM parts are made to very high quality, the point is about theft of design.

It’s messed up that no one talks about this because the thieves in this industry have the money, the marketing and the power to make it acceptable.