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Bulletproof S2000 GT at SEMA ’07

The completed Bulletproof Automotive S2000 GT was at SEMA. It looks great. I love that white S2000 a lot I posted before, but this car has a different definition of beautiful.

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New Volk RE30 2-piece?

These pictures are of some new products from Volk at the SEMA show in Vegas. I’m wondering if it’s a 2-piece version of the Volk RE30. I’m still wondering what wheel that is next to it. It appeared on the Bulletproof Automotive S2000 too.

Considering doing this

I’m not sure if I will pull my engine when I swap in my new Shep tranny. I can then prep everything and paint it a nice white.

I love what this guy has done.

VividRacing & Cusco WRX

VividRacing just finished building this WRX for the Cusco booth at SEMA this year. I normally don’t like Subaru’s but this one is very well done!

Kimi’s Moods

When I saw this it made me laugh.

Works Shop

My good friend in California stopped by Works shop today and snapped some pictures of some cool cars! Thanks Dan!

Volk Progressive ME wheels on Audi

Volk Progressive ME wheels on a new Audi TT. Volks even look good on German cars, who would have guessed?

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